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Brakes-related violations are among the most common during roadside inspections.

Safe and Smart New Driver Training Program: Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection: Brake System


This short course provides an overview of a brake system check as part of vehicle pre-trip inspection. It discusses preparation and steps of a brake system check and explains how to perform an air brake inspection.

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Corrective Action Training: Brakes

This 5-minute course (with a quiz) serves a refresher for drivers who received brake system-related violations and need a quick reminder on recognizing the need for brake inspections, things to look for during daily brake inspection and appropriate actions in cases when brake system defects are found.

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Corrective Action Training: Antilock Brake Systems (ABS)

Antilock Brake System (ABS) violation area among the most common Vehicle Maintenance violations cited during roadside inspections. This 5-minute course, accompanied with a quiz, provides a quick reminder on how to ensure the proper operation of ABS system on a CMV. The course explains the purpose of ABS, location of ABS lights abd explains how to perform a “key-on” ABS check.

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Corrective Action Training: Brake Hoses and Tubing

brake hoses

Keeping brake hoses and tubing in proper operating condition is critical for safety and for avoiding Vehicle Maintenance violations. This short refresher course explains the importance and process of dilay inspection of brake hoses and tubes, with specific focus on preventing chafing and ensuring proper tube and hose connection.

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Vehicle Inspections

Pre-trip inspections are crtitical for maintenance and required by law

Safe and Smart Experienced Driver Training: Vehicle Inspections

vehicle inspections

This comprehensive course is designed to provide experienced commercial drivers with essential information about vehicle inspections. The course explains the purpose and process of conducting a five-step complete vehicle inspection and teaches how to recognize when an on-the-road inspection is needed and when to complete a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR).

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Daily Pre-Trip Inspections


This 1-hour course explains the ins and outs of pre-trip inspections, which are essential for proper fleet maintenance. The course is broken down in five sections that cover pre-trip facts, under the hood inspection, walk-around inspection, air brake pre-trip inspection, and post trip inspection.

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Safe and Smart New Driver Training Program: Vehicle Inspection Basics


This introductory course is designed to provide new commercial drivers with the basic knowledge about vehicle inspections: pre-trip inspections, on-the-road inspections, and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs).

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Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers

Conducting routine vehicle inspections helps commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers discover vehicle defects that could cause accidents or crashes, find mechanical issues before the truck breaks on the road, and successfully pass roadside inspections. This course explains how to properly conduct pre-trip, on-the-road, and post-trip inspections and how to complete a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR).

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