Maximize Safety & Compliance: Your Strategic Advantage in Trucking Operations

Elevate your trucking business’s safety and compliance by outsourcing your safety program to our expert team. Benefit from a dedicated Safety Manager with over five years of industry experience, along with a specialized team proficient in managing citations, violations, and crashes. Our comprehensive service also covers claims handling and driver training, ensuring all aspects of your safety needs are meticulously addressed.

Opt for our cost-effective solution and gain access to a robust team of over 25 professionals, all at a cost lower than hiring a single experienced Safety Manager. This investment not only enhances your operational safety but also optimizes your budget, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we ensure its compliance and safety. Discover the difference our tailored safety program management can make in your trucking operations today.

What Is Included

  • Dedicated US-based full-time Safety Manager
  • Separate Legal Team for handling tickets, violations, and crashes
  • Direct communication with drivers
  • Proactive Driver Qualification Files (DQFs) maintenance
  • New driver setup and onboarding
  • Clearinghouse and Drug & Alcohol program setup and maintenance
  • Safety score (BASICs and OOS rates) monitoring and recommendations
  • Full safety audit (compliance review) support
  • IFTA calculations and filing
  • State permit renewals (HUT, KYU, NM, OR)
  • Vehicle Maintenance recordkeeping
  • And more! 

Plans and pricing can be customized to meet your needs