AIST Safety Consulting is proud to partner with TSS Technology LLC to offer the best fuel cards in the industry for your fleet. See the information below and apply today to start saving!

Save Up To $800 Per Month Per Truck

  • Discounts up to 70¢ on average 35-40¢ per gallon at over 1000 fuel stations.
  • Generous Line of Credit: Each card can hold a line of credit (LOC) of up to $3000, providing fleet owners with significant flexibility in managing fuel expenses without immediate cash outlay.
  • 10% discount on maintenance, oil changes, and tires at SpeedCo and Love’s, which are popular service stations known for their reliability and
    quality service.
  • A mobile app for both drivers and account admins to manage cards, users and reports.
  • An interactive fuel finder map that shows the best savings around you or along your routes.
  • An industry-leading Custom EFS Platinum card with itemized fuel consumption statements focused on IFTA reporting.
  • Straightforward and fast application process. Prospective clients can expect to complete the
    application in just 3-8 days—from filling out the forms to receiving the card and beginning to realize savings.
  • Enhanced security, fraud protection, card control, and route optimization.
  • Round-the-Clock Support in over 10
    languages, accommodating a diverse client base and ensuring that help is always just a call away.