DOT/FMCSA Safety Audit & Compliance Review Help

Whether you are a new entrant or the company with years in business, your company’s future depends on safety audit/ compliance review outcomes. It takes serious dedication and organizational skills to keep required by DOT paperwork in compliance and order. We can conclude from our many years of experience that majority of the trucking companies, especially the small ones, don’t obey DOT rules and regulations simply due to lack of knowledge. Even if your CSA score is not alarming, you must be prepared, because in some cases it doesn’t take much for the DOT officer to pay you an unexpected visit.

We will walk you through every step of the DOT audit. Before the audit, we will work with you to make sure your paperwork is in order and up to date. Our specialists thoroughly examine driver qualification files, maintenance files, hours of service, driver logs, financial information, drug and alcohol and business policies, and much more.

DOT onsite inspections can be nerve-racking experiences for even the most experienced and prepared carriers. AIST Safety experts will be on-site during the inspection, acting as your “safety consultant” to handle all communication with the DOT officer and help resolve all possible issues on the spot.

Consulting Services

To help your company maintain the best safety score we offer a wide range of consulting services, including: